2009 Trash Sculpture:
'Urgie the Sturgeon'

Adopt-a-River state fair sculpture 2009  Adopt-a-River state fair sculpture 2009

Adopt-a-River state fair sculpture 2009

Adopt-a-River state fair sculpture 2009

Urgie the Sturgeon
Artist Demian Jackman, an elementary school art teacher, constructed the largest Adopt-a-River sculpture in the history of the program. The sculpture, which extended to the treetops, attracted large crowds throughout the fair.

His artistic talent combined with his ability to bring people together has enabled his sculpture to become a community-built piece. Volunteers assisted in collecting river trash and doing prep work on the sculpture.

Demian describes his work as "a symbol of habitat restoration and species conservation in Minnesota waters. For me, the creature that is most symbolic of the waters of Minnesota is the sturgeon. Once a source of food for Native Americans, by 1900, it was depleted to near extinction by commercial fisheries."

Large components of the sculpture came from the 2009 Mississippi Riverboat Cleanup, a flood-plain cleanup in Belle Plaine and debris left from a 1961 bridge demolition on the Minnesota River.