2012 River Trash Sculpture: 'Scuttled'

Life after the Fair: This sculpture lives on in a permanent installation!

Find it at the DNR office at 1200 Warner Road in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Map it.

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Our 2012 artist is Andrew Vomhof, a Minnesota native and 2010 graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Vomhof created an 800-pound sculpture of a turtle and bird navigating a 15-foot tall sailboat on rough seas.

This Adopt-a-River sculpture is constructed out of rubbish collected from the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers, including a scuttled fishing boat, dozens of tires, hundreds of plastic soda bottles, rebar, auto parts, propane tanks, children's toys, and scrap metal.

2012 Artist's Quote

"So many of the materials used in this sculpture are made of plastic or rubber...they will outlive the metal pieces, which will rust away. Interesting!"

- Andrew Vomhof

The work represents some of the diversity of materials found at a river cleanup. The holes in the seats of the boat, for example, illustrate how an indifferent boater scuttled (or sank) this boat in the Mississippi River, only to have it re-surface in flood waters that pulled it off the bottom of the river and dumped it in the flood plain forest, where it was found during last June's river cleanup.

The great assortment of plastic bottles illustrates how numerous certain items are in our public waters. Bottles arrive in the river every time it rains, from every storm drain flowing from our streets. The array of materials washed into the river is almost limitless.

This is the 19th annual Adopt-a-River Found-Objects Sculpture at the Minnesota State Fair, and serves as a tribute to nearly 90,000 volunteers who have removed 6 million pounds of trash from Minnesota's public waters since 1989. This year's sculpture is being brought to the Fair by Boston Scientific Corporation, with assistance from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.


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