2013 River Trash Sculpture: 'Homegrown'

State Fair images.

2013 sculpture "Homegrown" created by Andrew Vomhof.

Each year the Adopt-a-River program commissions an artist to create a sculpture representing the diverse materials found at a river cleanup, to be displayed next to the DNR duck pond at the Minnesota State Fair.

Local artist Andrew Vomhof returned for a second year after developing the 2012 river trash sculpture "Scuttled." Vomhof is a Minnesota native and 2010 graduate of Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

He gathered materials for the project during a Mississippi River cleanup in June 2013 aboard a riverboat. The cleanup involved more than 100 volunteers slogging through the sand bar willows in a one-inch rain storm. They filled a trailer with over 1,200 pounds of material, including 800 pounds of tires retrieved from the backwaters and sand bars.

The great assortment of plastic bottles found illustrates how numerous certain items are in our public waters. Bottles arrive in the river every time it rains, from every storm drain flowing from our streets. The array of materials washed into the river is almost limitless, and that assortment of materials increases every time it rains, and during every spring flood.

This is the 20th annual Adopt-a-River Found-Objects Sculpture at the Minnesota State Fair, and serves as a tribute to more than 90,000 volunteers who have removed 6.2 million pounds of trash from Minnesota's public waters since 1989.

The 2013 sculpture was brought to the Fair with the assistance of Boston Scientific Corporation.


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