2014 River Trash Sculpture: 'Lepus Ex Apparatus'

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2014 sculpture created by Tristan Kyrsta.

Each year the Adopt-a-River program commissions an artist to create a sculpture representing the diverse materials found at a river cleanup, to be displayed next to the DNR duck pond at the Minnesota State Fair.

Local artist Tristan Kyrsta is a sculptor who recently graduated from Bethel University in Arden Hills, Minnesota. As a student, she gained recognition for her art through interesting manipulation of shapes, colors and textures.

"The whole process was a bit of a gamble, I had wait and see what was pulled out of the river. This determined the shape and scale at which I could work," says Tristan.

Lepus Ex Apparatus (Rabbit from the Machine) is Tristan's response to the materials she found.

This is the 21st annual Adopt-a-River Found-Objects Sculpture at the Minnesota State Fair, and was commissioned by the DNR as a tribute to more than 97,000 volunteers who have removed 6.4 million pounds of trash from Minnesota's public waters since 1989.

The creation of this sculpture has been generously funded by Boston Scientific Corporation, whose Green Team has conducted 18 cleanups, removing over 51,000 pounds of trash from our waters.

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 Found-Objects Sculpture


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