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Arden Hills - Ramsey County Open Space IBA

Habitats found in this area include extensive grasslands that cover much of the Rice Creek North Open Space and central Arden Hills Army Training Site(AHATS), and include wet prairie and prairie potholes on the furthest south and north parts of AHATS, and two small lakes.

The varied habitat and large size of the site is quite different from the surrounding densely populated urban area. AHATS is maintained by the National Guard, and volunteers from St. Paul Audubon Society. The site supports an exceptional diversity of bird species (total of 166) and provides habitat for waterfowl, raptors, and passerines.

This IBA hosts a number of species of special concern. Nesting Trumpeter Swans and a small number of Forster Terns and Red-shouldered Hawks can be found here.

This IBA covers 415 acres north of County Road I, east of I-35W, south of County Road J, and west of Lexington Avenue.