Don't discard fish on ice.

Discarding fish on the ice is illegal

  • It is considered littering to leave fish on the ice when your trip is finished.
  • It is considered wanton waste to leave fish on the ice.

Burbot are the most commonly discarded fish on Lake of the Woods

  • Burbot are native to Lake of the Woods. They have co-existed with other fish for hundreds of years.
  • Burbot are the only freshwater member of the Cod family.
  • They provide excellent table fare. They taste every bit as good as their popular Marine cousins.
  • They are scrappy fighters.
  • They can grow to a large size. The Minnesota state record is 19.5 lbs.  That fish was caught on Lake of the Woods in 2012.

So, give burbot the respect they deserve

  • Keep them to eat, or release them immediately down the hole.

Violators will be ticketed



For more information on the this topic, contact the Baudette Area Fisheries office at 218-634-2522, or email Assistant Area Fisheries Supervisor.