Lily Lake


Lily Lake is located within the city limits of Stillwater, Minnesota.


Species Present:

>Northern Pike: average abundance, average size.
Largemouth Bass: average abundance, average size.
Bluegill: above average abundance, below average size.
Yellow Perch: low abundance, small size.


Boat Access:

The city of Stillwater maintains a boat access on the east shore of the lake. The access is located on Greeley Street 0.75 miles north of Highway 36. Local surface water use regulations prohibit the use of motors, including electrics.


Shore Fishing:

The city maintains a fishing pier adjacent to the boat access. In addition, much of the south shore of the lake is in public ownership. Anglers may fish between the boat access/fishing pier site and the public beach. Shore fishing may be limited by overhanging trees and aquatic vegetation.


Management Plans:

  1. Population assessment in 2016.
  2. Stock 180 northern pike adults (5 fish per littoral acres) as needed to maintain the population
  3. Allow stocking of walleye fingerlings by local group.



Lily Lake has suffered with declining water quality in recent years. Fishing is limited by the very small size of bluegill present and the low abundance of predator fish.


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