Sculpin Reintroduction Program

Native sculpin are being reintroduced into southeast Minnesota streams where they have been previously extirpated. The plan below describes the program, along with the pictures below.

Sculpin Reintroduction Plan This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it.

First, sculpin are collected from donor streams with backpack electrofishers.

Electrofishing Sculpin Electrofishing Sculpin

Reintroductions are done in the fall, when cooler temperatures make transport easier on the sculpin.

200 Sculpin 200 Sculpin

Electrofishing itself doesn't harm the sculpin, based on research cited below and others, but measurements are taken quickly to minimize handling stress.

Measuring Sculpin Measuring Sculpin Measuring Sculpin

Sculpin are stocked into appropriate habitat on recipient streams, particularly riffles. Electrofishing the following year will help determine their success.

Stocking Sculpin Stocking Sculpin Stocking Sculpin

As stated in the plan above, this effort will restore an ecologically important species to these coldwater streams. And trout like to eat them.