Windom Area: Fish Stocking (updated 11/18/2014)

Walleye fry are stocked in lakes after years of stocking and survey analysis has determined that walleye fry contribute to the fishery better than walleye fingerlings.  Some lakes; however, are better suited for walleye fingerlings.  Walleye fry are stocked in ponds and harvested as fingerlings in the fall.  These fingerlings are then stocked in Area lakes. 


The Windom Area also operates some northern pike spawning areas.  Adult northern pike are stocked in these ponds and allowed to spawn naturally.  The ponds are drained in early June and the fingerlings are stocked in Area lakes that are managed for northern pike.  Northern pike need flooded vegetation where they can deposit their eggs in order to reproduce successfully.  Many northern pike spawning areas have disappeared with loss of wetlands in SW Minnesota making northern pike fingerling stocking necessary to maintain fishable northern pike lakes.


Walleye 2014


Month Stocked
May Bean
May Bingham Cottonwood 140,462
Martin 712,426
May Clear Jackson 211,744
May Clear Martin 262,860
May Dead Coon Lincoln 555,201
May Double Cottonwood 245,664
May East Twin Lyon 356,558
May Goose Lyon 46,676
May South Heron Jackson 1,227,240
May Kansas Watonwan 205,291
May Kinbrae Nobles 95,082
May Loon Jackson 369,524
May Rock Lyon 422,542
May Round Jackson 475,411
May Shetek Murray 3,653,024
May South Silver Martin 142,485
May Stay Lincoln 110,549 Fry
May West Graham Nobles 516,469 Fry
May Wilmert Martin 339,016 Fry
May Wilson Murray 90,896 Fry
May Wood Lyon 196,531 Fry
May Yankton Lyon 393,295 Fry
June Fox Martin 79,765 Frylings
June Long Watonwan 19,655 Frylings
 Amber Martin   2,484  Fingerlings
September Bean Cottonwood 3,979 Fingerlings
September Big Twin Martin 10,304 Fingerlings
September Bingham Cottonwood 6,272 Fingerlings
September Cedar Martin 4,588 Fingerlings
September Cottonwood Cottonwood 2,774 Fingerlings
September Eagle Cottonwood 1,302 Fingerlings
September First Fulda Murray 8,326 Fingerlings
September Fish Martin 4,048 Fingerlings
September Hall Martin 5,520 Fingerlings
September Imogene Martin 6,030 Fingerlings
September Independence Jackson 6,675 Fingerlings
September Kinbrae Nobles 5,406 Fingerlings
September Loon Jackson 10,285 Fingerlings
September Mountain Cottonwood 13,861 Fingerlings
September Summit Murray 4,091 Fingerlings
September Watonwan River Watonwan 3,211 Fingerlings
September Wellner-Hageman Brown 258* Fingerlings*
September Wilson Murray 8,073 Fingerlings

 * Fingerlings were 12-13 inch fingerlings as opposed to 6-8 inch fingerlings.


Northern Pike 2014


Month Stocked
June Bean Cottonwood  1,491   Fingerling
June Bella Nobles 2,737 Fingerling
June Clear Lyon 402 Fingerling
June Corabelle Murray 994 Fingerling
June Eagle Cottonwood 1,224 Fingerling
June Fish Martin 1,533 Fingerling
June Indian Nobles 2,350 Fingerling
June Kansas Watonwan 3,956 Fingerling
June Kinbrae Nobles 908 Fingerling
June Lime Murray 3,219 Fingerling
June Pearl Jackson 1,170 Fingerling
June  Round Murray 500 Fingerling
June Shetek Murray 5,000* Fingerling
June Summt Cottonwood 193 Fingerling

 * Estimated from drainable pond 

Other Species 2014


Month Stocked
April  Hills Reservoir KFP   Rock  Black Crappie 60   Adult (1.5/lb)
April WIlson Murray Black Crappie 255 Adult (1.5/lb)
May Worthington Pond 1* Nobles Bluegill 63 Adult (3.5/lb)
May Worthington Pond 2* Nobles Bluegill 63 Adult (3.5/lb)
April Kansas Watonwan Yellow Perch 4,000 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Fish Jackson Yellow Perch 5,625 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Luverne Pit KFP Rock Yellow Perch 875 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Luverne Veterans Pond KFP Rock Yellow Perch 875 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Indian KFP Pipestone Yellow Perch 750 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Shoper-Bush Reservoir KFP Cottonwood Yellow Perch 750 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Butterfield KFP Watonwan Yellow Perch 750 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Edgerton Pond KFP Pipestone Yellow Perch 875 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Independence Park Pond KFP Lyon Yellow Perch 500 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Talcot Pond KFP Cottonwood Yellow Perch 750 Adult (4-7 inch)
April East Chain Martin Yellow Perch 5,625 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Wilson Murray Yellow Perch 4,250 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Split Rock Reservoir Pipestone Yellow Perch 2,050 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Bingham Cottonwood Yellow Perch 4,876 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Bean Cottonwood Yellow Perch 4,124 Adult (4-7 inch)
April West Graham Nobles Yellow Perch 3,750 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Swift KFP Lyon Yellow Perch 500 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Kinbrae Nobles Yellow Perch 375 Adult (7-8 inch)
April Hills Reservoir KFP Rock Yellow Perch 1,000 Adult (4-7 inch)
April Eagle Cottonwood Yellow Perch 250 Adult (7-8 inch)
April Timber Jackson Yellow Perch 250 Adult (7-8 inch)
October Fox^ Martin Muskellunge 520 Fingerling (12 inches)

KFP = Kid's Fishing Pond. Ponds are stocked to provide fishing opportunities, particularly for youth, in areas where fishing opportunities may be limited.  

* stocked into a pond that connects to Okabena Lake in Worthington. Ponds are drained in the fall and newly hatched bluegill in the ponds are introduced into Okabena Lake. Ponds are drained by Southwest Minnesota Sportsman's Club based in Worthington. 

^ Muskellunge are tagged with PIT tags that contain unique identification. If you harvest a muskellunge from Fox Lake (56 inches or greater starting in 2015) then it may contain a PIT tag and DNR staff can give you information about your fish. Please call the Windom Fisheries Office at 507-831-2900 if you are interested in learning more about Fox Lake Muskellunge.