Windom Area: Fish Stocking (updated 12/14/2016)

Walleye fry are stocked in lakes after years of stocking and survey analysis has determined that walleye fry contribute to the fishery better than walleye fingerlings.  Some lakes; however, are better suited for walleye fingerlings.  Walleye fry are stocked in ponds and harvested as fingerlings in the fall.  These fingerlings are then stocked in Area lakes. 


The Windom Area also operates some northern pike spawning areas.  Adult northern pike are stocked in these ponds and allowed to spawn naturally.  The ponds are drained in early June and the fingerlings are stocked in Area lakes that are managed for northern pike.  Northern pike need flooded vegetation where they can deposit their eggs in order to reproduce successfully.  Many northern pike spawning areas have disappeared with loss of wetlands in SW Minnesota making northern pike fingerling stocking necessary to maintain fishable northern pike lakes.


Walleye 2016


Month Stocked
April Benton
April Cedar Martin 710,406
May Clear Jackson 202,941
April Clear Martin 260,563
April Currant Murray 189,393
May Double Cottonwood 245,734
April Goose Lyon 45,098
May Heron (South Heron) Jackson 1,420,365
May Kansas Watonwan 199,130
May Okabena Nobles 751,461
April Rock Lyon 422,793
May Round Jackson 474,500
May Shaokotan Lincoln 992,156
May Shetek Murray 3,596,554
May Smith Murray 102,925 Fry
May South Silver Martin 141,933 Fry
May Wood Lyon 196,831 Fry^
September Amber Martin 385 Mixture~
October Bella Nobles 523 Yearlings-
Big Twin Martin 5,068  Fingerlings^
October Budd Martin 896 Mixture
September Cottonwood Cottonwood 248 Yearlings
October Fish Jackson 3,450 Fingerlings^
September Fox Martin 5,956 Fingerlings^
October George Martin 336 Mixture
October Hall Martin 1,258 Mixture
September Independence Jackson 1,502 Yearlings
September Kinbrae Nobles 148 Adults
September Long Watonwan 860 Mixture
September Mountain Cottonwood 1,830 Yearlings
October Sisseton Martin 354 Mixture
September Summit Murray 213 Mixture/Adults
September Watonwan River Watonwan 600 Yearlings
September Wellner-Hageman Brown 585 Yearlings

 ^ Lake Sarah strain Walleye

- Yearlings are age-1 fish (10 to 15 inch range)

~ Mixture is a combination of Fingerlings (6 to 8 inches) and Yearlings


Northern Pike 2016


Month Stocked
June Bean Cottonwood 914 Fingerling
June Boot Jackson 1,455 Fingerling
June Buffalo Murray 895 Fingerling
June Clear Lyon 696 Fingerling
June Fox Murray 1,840 Fingerling
June Island Lyon 1,120 Fingerling
June Kinbrae Nobles 886 Fingerling
June Lime Murray 748 Fingerling
June Mountain Cottonwood 1,688 Fingerling
June Pearl Jackson 1,088 Fingerling
June Perch Martin 1,688 Fingerling
June Summit Murray 787 Fingerling
June Timber Jackson 1,320 Fingerling
June Wilmert Martin 986 Fingerling


Other Species 2016


Month Stocked
April  Butterfield KFP Watonwan  Crappie 105  Adult (3/lb)
April Swift KFP Lyon  Crappie 90 Adult (3/lb)
April Talcot Pond KFP Cottonwood Crappie 105 Adult (3/lb)
May Edgerton Pond KFP Pipestone Bluegill 259 Adult (7/lb)
May Hills Reservoir KFP Rock Bluegill 210 Adult (7/lb)
May Indian KFP Pipestone Bluegill 210 Adult (7/lb)
May Kinbrae  Nobles Bluegill 564 Adult (6/lb)
May Luverne Pit KFP Rock Bluegill 230 Adult (7/lb)
May Luverne Veterans Pond Rock Bluegill 210 Adult (6/lb)
May Shaokotan Lincoln Bluegill 1,800 Adult (7/lb)
May Split Rock Reservoir Pipestone Bluegill 492 Adult (7/lb)
April Redwood River Lyon Brown Trout 2,500 Adult (1.1/b)
April Scheldorf Creek Cottonwood Brown Trout 450 Adult (1.1/lb)
May Worthington Pond 1* Nobles Largemouth Bass 8 Breeding Adults
May Worhtington Pond 2* Nobles Largemouth Bass 8 Breeding Adults
October Fairmont Chain` Martin Muskellunge 314 10" Fingerlings
October Fox Lake Martin Muskellunge 476 10" Fingerlings
April Currant Murray Yellow Perch 1,940 Adults (10-20/lb)
April Fish Martin Yellow Perch 288 Adults (10-20/lb)
April Dead Coon Lincoln Yellow Perch 4,192 Adults (10-20/lb)
April Goose Lyon Yellow Perch 1,107 Adults (10-20/lb)
April Round Jackson Yellow Perch 4,266 Adults (10-20/lb)
April Swift KFP Lyon Yellow Perch 770 Adults (10-20/lb)

KFP = Kid's Fishing Pond. Ponds are stocked to provide fishing opportunities, particularly for youth, in areas where fishing opportunities may be limited.  

* stocked into a pond that connects to Okabena Lake in Worthington. Ponds are drained in the fall and newly hatched fish in the ponds are introduced into Okabena Lake. Ponds are drained by Southwest Minnesota Sportsman's Club based in Worthington. 

` George, Sisseton, Budd, Hall, and Amber Lakes make up the Fairmont Chain