Sauk Rapids/St. Cloud Area Parks & Trails

What we do

Sauk Rapids Area Parks and Trails is responsible for the operation and management of water recreation, water trail and trail facilities in a 7+ county area. The Sauk Rapids office is located in, and services a large metro area. Over 111,000 city residents and thousands more rural residents are able to make a local phone call to get information concerning P&T and other DNR programs. Our central location also provides for an easy access to DNR staff and information. Residents of the Sauk Rapids P&T work area registered 28,767 ATV's (15% of states total), 35,476 snowmobiles (12%) and 70,929 watercraft (8%).

Responsibilities of P&T staff in Sauk Rapids include management of:

  • 133 public water accesses and 60+ associated boarding docks. This represents approximately 10% of the total state administered access sites.
  • Two designated Water Trails including the Rum and Mississippi with P&T administered facilities spread along approximately 100 river miles.
  • Monitor about half the states Scenic Easements. These easements are located on 53 properties on the Rum River and 7 properties on Mississippi River.
  • 15 fishing piers
  • Administer $450,000 in grants to over 30 local snowmobile clubs.
  • Help facilitate the management of 1800+ miles of GIA snowmobile trails approximately 10% of the states total GIA total.
  • Administer $50,000 in grants to one ATV club facilitating the management of 60 miles of GIA ATV trails.
  • Responsible for the management of 16 miles of the Glacial Lakes State Trail.
  • Responsible for the management of over 60 miles of a mixture of motorized and non-motorized trails in the Sand Dunes, Rum River and Birch Lake State Forests.
  • Initiate cooperative agreements with and administer DNR grants awarded to local units of government for trail projects like the Wobegon and Beaver Island trails.
  • Foster good relationships with multiple user groups, local communities, and hundreds of neighbors to our facilities.