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Buffalo River State Park IBA

This IBA is one of the largest continuous, undisturbed grasslands in Minnesota, and contains more than 10,000 acres of native and restored prairie and has been designated as one of the highest quality prairie sites in the United States. Included in this IBA are the Margherita Preserve-Audubon Prairie, Magnusson W.M.A. and three other Nature Conservancy parcels.

This grassland habitat supports one of the largest concentrations of the Greater Prairie-chickens in Minnesota and provides prime habitat for Upland Sandpiper, Marbled Godwit, Short-eared Owl, Western Meadowlark, Bobolink and Northern Harrier. The Savannah, Clay-colored, LeConte's Grasshopper, Field and Lark Sparrows are found on this site. Henslow's sparrows are found sporadically especially in the Buffalo River State Park. The threatened Loggerhead Shrike can be regularly found in this area.

The Moorhead Minnesota State University Regional Science Center is located adjacent to Buffalo River State Park. The Science Center's Buffalo River Bird Monitoring Station is located within the park. Bird banding studies have been in process at this station since 2000, providing excellent documentation of the birdlife.

Located east of Moorhead just south of U.S. Highway 10, and bound on the west by Minnesota State Highway 9, on the east by Clay County Road 23 and on the south by Clay County Road 10.