Improving Community Forests through Citizen Engagement

Improving Community Forests Through Citizen Engagement FAQs

Q: Can a city use grant funds to contract with a consultant to complete a public tree inventory?

Q: I recall reading that the DNR conducted a "Community Forest Rapid Assessment" of most Minnesota communities a few years back. Is the data from that project available for my city?

A: Yes. There are two Rapid Assessment documents for each of the 700 communities surveyed. They are a "Tree Genera Diversity" pie chart and a set of summary tables for all the data collected. These files are available by request from DNR Forestry. Call or email Brenda Rustad, DNR Forestry at 651-259-5300 or

Q: 25% match over 3 years? What does that mean? Do we have 3 years to match it?

A: Yes, you can spread out your match over the 3 years of the project (from March 2016 until May, 2018).

Q: Do you have any idea of the cash cost to the city to conduct a grant project?

A: If you receive a $30,000 grant, your match amount is $7,500 of which half can be in-kind and the other half needs to be cash ($3,750, or $1,250 per year). The DNR's grant project partners will help you determine the overall cost for your grant project. Cities do not receive grant funds up front, but can get reimbursed for eligible expenses up to twice a year.

Q: Can the grant funds be used to hire arborists to structurally prune public trees and landscape contractors to plant trees?

A: No. All grant project plantings and maintenance of newly planted trees will be done by volunteers and city staff. Grant funds cannot be used for maintenance of any kind on established trees.