Goal 5

Minnesota will have a high-quality and diverse outdoor recreation system that meets the needs of Minnesotans

bicyclers on scenic trail

DNR and our partners will work for a future where Minnesotans’ deep affection for nature-based recreation cultivates a stewardship ethic that supports a high-quality, healthy outdoor recreation system. Enthusiasts abound and have ready access to public lands and waters. Healthy lands and waters support hiking, ATVing, fishing, swimming, spending time with friends and family, and other activities.


Goal envisions:

Minnesotans have increased connections with the outdoors, particularly families, young adults, and children. Our longstanding constituents continue to participate in outdoor recreation, while there is increased participation among those who have not traditionally used our facilities and resources.

Natural resources provide a diverse, sustainable range of outdoor recreation opportunities.
Recreation landscapes span the spectrum from primitive areas to heavily used urban trails. Natural features are celebrated and protected. Fish, wildlife, and plants are conserved.

A comprehensive outdoor recreation system serves all Minnesotans.
People of all backgrounds, interests, abilities, and geographic settings have access to high-quality recreational opportunities. They can easily find the information needed to access these opportunities, as well as the knowledge and skills to enjoy them.

Recreational facilities and settings provide safe, high-quality visitor experiences.
Programs, signs, and other resources help users become aware of, understand, and enjoy outdoor recreation opportunities. Educational programs promote safe behaviors that lead to increased participation and memorable experiences.

Minnesotans have a lifelong stewardship ethic.
Conservation education is woven through formal and informal education. DNR, informed citizens, and community leaders work together to care for Minnesota’s natural resources.