Goal 6

DNR will effectively and efficiently deliver services to meet our mission

Conservation officer

Innovation and collaboration are hallmarks of DNR's activities, helping to maximize return on investments in protecting and sustaining Minnesota's natural resources.


We envision:

Fiscal resources are used wisely to meet the changing needs of citizens and natural resources.
As new needs arise, we address them using resources that ensure the enduring health of Minnesota's natural resources.

We gain operational efficiencies through process improvement methods, and realize cost savings from those efforts.
We model energy efficiency and conservation in our facilities, vehicle fleet, and purchasing. We improve business processes and project delivery methods to maximize our ability to deliver natural resource results.

Safety and stewardship are paramount.
Every activity we pursue seeks to ensure the well-being of individuals, communities, and natural resources.

We foster learning and development.
We invest in the learning and development of our staff and our partners to enable collaborative initiatives that serve DNR's mission.

Customer engagement is essential.
We are a community-engaged organization that builds and sustains productive relationships with stakeholders and new constituencies. We reach out to others with state-of-the-art communication strategies.