CWD Testing


Precautionary CWD testing this fall

Map showing boundaries of the fall 2018 CWD testing zone in southeastern Minnesota.
Gray-striped areas of this map show deer permit areas in southeastern Minnesota surrounding the CWD management zone, which is shown in pink. The CWD management zone (deer permit area 603) has different and more restrictive testing requirements.

Tests mandatory

DNR needs hunters' help this fall to determine if CWD has spread to other wild deer in southeastern Minnesota.

Wild deer in this area may have contracted the disease because they are close to an area where CWD has been documented. But that can't be confirmed without testing. So DNR is asking area hunters to bring harvested deer to a sampling station for mandatory precautionary CWD testing during the first two days of this fall's firearms season.

DNR needs 1,800 samples from hunters in this area to accurately test for presence of CWD in wild deer.

Sampling stations

What to do