Falconry permits

How to apply for your permit

All falconers are required to obtain a state DNR permit to practice falconry in Minnesota. Before applying for your permit, it is strongly recommended to request a "MN DNR Falconry Packet".

To obtain the falconry permit you must:

  • Contact Heidi Cyr heidi.cyr@state.mn.us for the Minnesota Falconry Packet.
  • Study recommended reading materials.
  • Take and pass the written examination.
  • Have a General or Master permittee as a sponsor.
  • Construct a facility and pass the Facility and Equipment Inspection.
  • Request a permit application form from Heidi Cyr heidi.cyr@state.mn.us.

Sponsorship program

Apprentice class permit holders are required to have a General or Master class permittee as a sponsor. The mentoring between the sponsor and the apprentice is considered to be essential to enhance the knowledge and insure proper development of the apprentice's falconry skills.

About the written exam

Examination questions emphasize the practical aspects and obligations of being a falconer. Knowledge of scientific names and obscure publications is not required. The examination determines your knowledge of raptor identification, natural history, care in captivity, falconry techniques, and laws and regulations.

The examination has 100 multiple choice questions, and requires at least 80 correct answers to pass.

The questions are divided into three categories:

  • raptor identification and biology 25%
  • maintenance of raptors in captivity 50%
  • falconry practices and regulations 25%

An applicant who fails the examination must wait at least two weeks before retaking the exam.

Facility and equipment inspection

Before a falconry permit is issued, the raptor housing facilities and falconry equipment must be inspected and approved by a conservation officer or an agent of the commissioner. Also, an inspection may be necessary prior to permit renewal.

To schedule an exam or a facility inspection or for falconry related questions, contact Heidi Cyr, Statewide Falconry Coordinator 651-259-5107 heidi.cyr@state.mn.us.