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Boe, J. 1992. A survey for breeding horned grebes in Minnesota. Final report submitted to the Nongame Wildlife Program, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 37 pp.


Horned grebes (Podiceps auritus) have become a species of special concern in Minnesota because of a decline in summer observations of the species. I searched available records to document the breeding history of the species in the state and, in June 1991, I surveyed 76 selected wetlands in northwestern Minnesota, the part of the state including the species' North American breeding range. Seventeen nesting reports, spanning 1931 to 1984, were present in The Flicker, The Loon, or Minnesota Ornithologists' Union files. Roberts (1932) listed an additional 7 reports, from 1885 to 1930. One horned grebe was observed during the wetland survey in 1991; it was present on Pool 1 of Roseau River Wildlife Management Area on 5 June. Horned grebes have probably not been common breeders or summer nonbreeding residents since settlement times, if then. However, their breeding range in the state has contracted recently, probably due to continued habitat loss and deterioration. Horned grebes should be considered uncommon summer residents and rare breeders in Minnesota.

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