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Doolittle, T.C.J. 1991. Status of the eastern Taiga Merlin Falco c. columbarius in Voyageurs National Park - 1990. Final report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 11 pp.


In 1990, ten merlin adults were captured and 18 young were banded. Total know productivity (n = 26 young) from 10 active nests was 2.6 young/active nest and 1.5 young/occupied territory. Successful nest densities were 50% lower than in 1989, but the same as in 1988 (n = 8). Productivity in 1990 was 3.3 young/successful nest, which was the exact mean in 1989. Two breeding adults were recaptured (1 male, 1 female) and three sites were known to turnover to new adults. All recaptured males have been caught at their previously occupied territory, the female captured was 2 km from her previous territory. Females have shown no site fidelity, and only a hint of regional fidelity. One band recovery was noted from a young from Mica Island located on Namakan Lake. The young of the year female was found dead in Baudette, Minnesota on 18 September 1990. The turnover rates of the Voyageurs study group are high, though reoccupancy of sites remain consistent. The reasons for the high turnover remain unknown. Nest sites with multiple nest structures and stable nest structures are usually reoccupied.

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