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McLaughlin, D.J. 1998. A search for three rare, endemic Minnesota mushroom species Final report submitted to the Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 5 pp.


A search was made in August through October for three mushroom species, endemic to Minnesota, that have not been reported since about 1970. The search was focused on Nerstrand Woods State Park in the vicinity of which Psathyrella rhodospora was originally collected; Wolsfeld Woods Scientific and Natural Area, a potential site for Psathyrella cystidiosa which has not been reported since its original description from Minneapolis in 1912; and Crow Wing State Park near the original locality for Suillus weaverae. Psathyrella rhodospora was found twice and P cystidiosa, once. Both species were found at Nerstrand Woods State Park. Psathyrella rhodospora was also collected in Hennepin Co.; it appears to be uncommon. These are the first precise localities for these Psathyrella species and new county records for both species. Neither species was readily recognized from published accounts; field characters are discussed. More specific habitat data for both species has been obtained, and that for P. rhodospora should permit management decisions. Suillus weaverae was not found, probably because of the unusually dry weather in the type locality. A search for this species in a more favorable year for mushroom fruiting is needed.

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