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Dana, R. 1997. Characterization of three Dakota skipper sites in Minnesota. Final report submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by the Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 17 pp.


A meeting to develop a prelisting recovery strategy for the Dakota skipper (Hesperia dacotae) was held June 29-30, 1995, at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. During this meeting, Hole-in-the-Mountain Prairie, Prairie Coteau Scientific and Natural Area Valley, and Felton Prairie were identified as sites having the highest probability of supporting viable populations of the species within Minnesota, and thus the most important for the long-term security of the species in the state. It was agreed that a priority action for prelisting recovery would be the characterization of these and other likely viable sites within the species' range.

This report characterizes each of the three priority Dakota skipper sites in terms of landform and topography, soils, vegetation, and land use. Further, the report characterizes the Dakota skipper populations at each site in terms of history of information, distribution within the site, habitat preferences, population size and dynamics, threats, and a prognosis for each site. A map of each site is also provided, indicating the extent of managed areas and the approximate limit of actual or potential Dakota skipper habitat within each site.

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