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Desy, E.A. 1994. A survey of small mammals in Camden State Park, Lyon County, Minnesota. Final report submitted to the Nongame Wildlife Program, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 7 pp.


Accurate and up to date wildlife inventories are critical for the effective management of State parks. The wildlife of Camden State Park, Lyon County, Minnesota, has never been formally surveyed. Although species lists of flora and fauna exist for the park (Anonymous 1979), they are incomplete and in need of revision. The purpose of this study was to survey for small mammals in Camden State Park from May 1992 through September 1992. The survey resulted in adding seven new species of small mammals to the species list of fauna for Camden State Park. None of the small mammals captured or sighted in the park during the research period is listed as threatened, endangered, or of special concern as defined by Coffin and Pfannmuller (1988).

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