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Minnesota scaleshell mussel (Leptodea leptodon) survey. 2004. Final report for Federal Aid Project E-6-R, submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by the Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 9 pp.


A survey was conducted for the scaleshell mussel (Leptodea leptodon) in the Minnesota River Drainage during summer 2003. A total of 67 sites in 17 streams were sampled, and 1,895 live mussels of 16 species were found. No live or dead specimens of scaleshell mussel were found during the survey, and only one record of the scaleshell exists from Minnesota waters. Given the extensive sampling efforts in southern Minnesota over the last five years and the lack of any additional scaleshell records, it is highly unlikely that this species is extant in the state. The lack of even dead shells suggests that it was historically very uncommon in Minnesota and can now be considered extirpated from the state.

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