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Moriarty, J.J. 1991. Reintroduction of bullsnakes into the Crow-Hassan Prairie restoration. Final report submitted to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Unpaged.


Ten bullsnakes, a species of special concern in Minnesota, were released into a 300 ha recreated prairie system within a 1000 ha park reserve in Northwestern Hennepin County, Minnesota. The snakes were collected from a population 30 km north of the release site to insure similar genetic traits and because it was the closest known population. Six of the Bullsnakes were equipped with radio transmitters and were monitored twice a week from their 18 June 1991 release through hibernation. Home ranges of the bullsnakes averaged 6 ha with two day movements up to 700 m. Male bullsnakes wandered further than females. Gopher mounds were the preferred habitats with some snakes remaining in the same mound for over two weeks. All of the hibernation sites are in gopher mounds. Three of the snakes hibernated within 20 m of the release site after having wandered up to 1 km away during the summer.

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