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Sajwaj, T.D., S.A. Piepgras, and J.W. Lang. 1998. Blanding's turtle, (Emydoidea blandingii) at Camp Ripley: critical habitats, population status and management guidelines. Report submitted to the Nongame Wildlife Program, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 185 pp.


Recent studies in Minnesota indicate that Blanding's turtle is long-lived, reproduces over many seasons, and utilizes a mosaic of widely spaced wetlands and uplands. Effective conservation requires information about population status and detailed data on seasonal habitat use by all age/ sex classes. In this report, we provide an introduction and background on the study species, describe the study site and our study methods, present the results, and then discuss our findings in light of previous studies. Finally, we make recommendations on managing the habitats critical to the continued well being of the Blanding's turtles at Camp Ripley and surrounding areas, and on monitoring and managing the turtles, particularly in delineated areas where significant numbers of the population are known to nest, spend the summer months, and overwinter.

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Please note that all location information has been removed from these documents to protect the Blanding's turtle populations