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Ehmann, W.J. 2002. Conservation biology of Special Concern jumping spiders (Araneae: Salticidae) of Minnesota. Final report to the Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, St. Paul, Minnesota. 11 pp.


Using spot sampling and a sweep net, I surveyed the jumping spider fauna of vegetation from 117 sites in 20 Minnesota counties in the summers of 1999 and 2001 to assess the distribution and status of eight Special Concern (SC) species. Commonly, sample sites were protected natural areas including SNAs and TNC properties with remnant or restored prairie communities, although some forest understory was also sampled. In total, 572 jumping spiders from 15 species were collected. Three SC species were encountered: Marpissa grata (Gertsch, 1936), Pelegrina arizonensis (Peckham & Peckham, 1901), and Tutelina formicaria (Emerton, 1891). M. grata, represented by an unusual male specimen, was found for the first time at Sherburne NWR (Sherburne Co.) and is now known from nine MN counties. P. arizonensis was found at three locations, one for the first time (Sherburne NWR) at the known NE range limit, and confirmed from historic locations at Allison Savanna TNC/SNA and Uncas Dunes SF. My first collection of T. formicaria (1 female) confirms continued presence at Allison Savanna TNC/SNA (Anoka Co.), the only known MN locality. Overall, 31 new county records were found, 13 historical occurrences were reconfirmed, and three new U.S. range records were established. Consistent with my 1996 season, two species were very common and widespread, comprising 69% of the total identified catch: Phidippus clarus Keyserling, 1884 (299 specimens) and Pelegrina insignis (Banks, 1892) (97 specimens). Future collection of the three other SC species (Habronattus texanus (Gertsch & Muliak, 1936); Phidippus apacheanus Chamberlain & Gertsch, 1929; and Phidippus pius Scheffer, 1906) might be enhanced with hand searches. Six high diversity locations (Sherburne NWR, St. Croix SP, Uncas Dunes SF, and Yellow Bank Hills) and several unsampled northeastern counties appear worthy of additional surveys.

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