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Husveth, J.J. 2003. Ecological surveys of rare plants and plant communities in Eastern Anoka County, Minnesota. Final report submitted to the Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program, Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources. 12 pp.


The following abstract describes the process and methods developed and performed by Jason Husveth while surveying over 60,000 acres of Eastern Anoka County for rare plant populations and rare plant community EOR's from 1997 through 2002. A summary of significant findings are provided along with recommendations for remote sensing endeavors and field surveys areas to be carried out in the future by DNR plant ecologists and botanists.

Since his discovery of rare Sandplain plants in a Pioneer Park wetland in Blaine Minnesota in December of 1997, Jason Husveth has been working to develop and refine remote sensing and field inventory methodologies to detect, survey, and document additional rare plant communities within the Anoka Sandplain landscape of Central Minnesota. Because this endeavor has been an evolving process, the methodologies have evolved over the course of this investigation. Furthermore, the principal investigator has gained access to improved data sources (such as infrared aerial photographs, herbarium database records, Natural Heritage EOR data, 2001 black and white digital ortho photos, etc.) and additional computer software (i.e. ArcView GIS) and hardware that have improved his ability to search for and detect potential locations of rare plants in Anoka County. With each additional discovery of a rare plant community EOR and/or rare plant population EOR's, correlations between this vegetation association and landscape variables have strengthened and search images have been improved, refined, and reinforced.

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