FOSS Science Kit Connections for PLT, WILD, & WET

Foss Science Kit Connections with Environmental Education Lessons
Unit Overview - First Grade (printable 36kb.pdf)


Study Site Lessons/Field Experiences

Kinesthetic/Art Lessons

Social Studies and more Science

Literature /Writing


Air and Weather

  • Stormy Weather Project WILD p. 26

  • Poetic Precipitation Project WET p. 182


  • Matching-Water Match Project WET p. 50

Solids and Liquids

  • Rainy Day Hike with additional handouts Project WET p. 186

  • Water Match Project WET p. 50

  • Water in Motion K-2 option Project WET p. 450

  • Water Write Project WET p. 457

Water, by Bill Guston
Water, by Alfred Leutscher
Liquid Magic, by Philip Watson Water, by Angela Webb




Cricket in Times Square, by George Selden
Two Bad Ants, by Chris Van Allsburg
James and the Giant Peach, by Ronald Dahl
Where's That Insect? By Brenner and Chardiet.
 Backyard Insects, by Selsam and Goor
One Small Square: Backyard, by Donald M. Silver
A Golden Guide: Insects