FOSS Science Kit Connections for PLT, WILD, & WET

Foss Science Kit Connections with Environmental Education Lessons
Unit Overview - Fourth Grade (printable 32.pdf)


Study Site Lessons/Field Experiences

Kinesthetic/Art Lessons

Social Studies and more Science

Literature /Writing


Structures of Life


  • The Beautiful Basics Project WILD p. 30

A Tree is Growing, by Arthur Dorros


Seed, Leaf, Flower, Fruit, by Maryjo Koch


Magnetism and Electricity


50 Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth, by LLC Andrews McMeel Publishing and The EarthWorks Group


Water and the Community Unit


  • Water Walk-handout Project WILD

  • Molecules in Motion Project WILD p. 47

  • Imagine Project WILD p. 157

  • Water Wonders #44 PLT

  • Water Match Project WILD p. 50

  • Water Models Project WILDp. 201

  • Sum of the Parts Project WILD p. 267

  • Every Drop Counts #38 PLT

  • Water Wonders #44 PLT - write water story

  • Aqua Words Project WILD Aquatic p. 2

  • Idea Pool Project WILD p. 7


Ideas and Inventions


Look What I Did With a Leaf!, by Morteza E. Sohi