FOSS Science Kit Connections for PLT, WILD, & WET

Foss Science Kit Connections with Environmental Education Lessons
Unit Overview - Third Grade (printable 32kb.pdf)


Study Site Lessons/Field Experiences

Kinesthetic/Art Lessons

Social Studies and more Science

Literature /Writing


Human Body



  • Owl Pellets Project WILD p. 144

  • Aqua Bodies Project WILD p. 63


Physics of Sound

  • The Power of song Project WILD p. 234

Bird Talk, by Anna Jones

Measurement of noise levels


  • Whale of a Tail Project WILD Aquatic p. 26

  • The Long Haul Project WET p. 260


Forest Giants of the Pacific Northwest and Champion Trees, by Robert Van Pelt

All lessons include math

Earth Materials


The Secret lives of Everyday Things, by Ryan, Durning, and Baker