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Ecological and Water Resources
Strategic Planning Process

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Strategic Planning

What we're doing

The Ecological and Water Resources Division (EWR) is initiating a Strategic Planning Process that runs January 2017 - January 2018.

Why we're doing it

We hope that a strategic plan will help the Division refresh its vision, strengthen its role in the Department's mission, create a framework for managing program change, identify strategic issues that need to be addressed and develop a plan for moving forward.

Stay informed

Based on the Project Plan, Project updates will be available approximately once per month.

Project Background

The Ecological and Water Resources Division has a number of diverse and important natural resource programs, including invasive species, water regulation, dam safety, listed species, environmental review, and nongame wildlife. EWR has a vision ("Healthy Watersheds throughout Minnesota") that was developed during the transformation process that integrated the old divisions of Waters and Ecological Resources in 2010. It's been almost six years since our Division was created. A lot has changed since then. We want to ensure we are prioritizing the work that can help us increase effectiveness and efficiency, improve our understanding and learning, and be as good as we can be.

The Strategic Planning Process

The basic Project Plan includes one team meeting per month. The topics and pace may change, based on team progress. We're aiming for a final plan deliverable in January, but we value a quality product over meeting a goal date.




Meeting Summary

January 13


Kickoff and Stakeholder Analysis

January Summary

February 22-23


Mandates Analysis

February Summary

March 14-15


Mission, Vision and Values

March Summary

April 17-18


Presentations, Staff and Stakeholder Engagement

April Summary

May 15-16


Strategic Issue Identification

May Summary

June 14-15


Goal Formulation

June Summary

July 12-13


Measures, Strategies and Actions

July Summary

August 16-17


Next Steps

August Summary

September 13-14


Document Development

September Summary

October 4-5


Plan Review

October Summary



Plan Review and Editing

November Summary



Plan Review and Editing

December Summary



Plan Review, Editing and Graphics




Plan Communications and Release



Project Team

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From left to right: Jackie Glaser, Jason Carlson, Carmelita Nelson, Nathan Kestner, Mike Duval, Jane Norris, Tim Beyer, Amber Westerbur, Jason Moeckel, Megan Benage, Adam Doll, Jodi Dehn, Megan Moore, Ethan Jenzen, Jill Townley, Theresa Ebbenga, Adriane Lepage


Team Role



Work Location

Project Manager

Jill Townley

Strategic and Operational Planner

Central Office


Luke Skinner


Central Office


Steve Colvin

Deputy Director

Central Office


Brian Stenquist

Communications and Planning Supervisor

Central Office


Judy Grew

Operations Services Division, Policy and Planning Supervisor

Central Office

Project Team

Nathan Kestner

Northwest Regional Manager

Region 1, Bemidji

Project Team

Theresa Ebbenga

State Program Admin

Region 1, Bemidji

Project Team

Mike Duval

Northeast Region, West District Manager

Region 2, Brainerd

Project Team

Amber Westerbur

Coastal Program Manager

Region 2, Two Harbors

Project Team

Megan Moore

LTRM Team Lead, Mississippi River Coordinator

Region 3, Lake City

Project Team

Jason Carlson

Clean Water Legacy Hydrologist

Region 3, St. Paul

Project Team

Ethan Jenzen

Area Hydrologist

Region 4, Spicer

Project Team

Megan Benage

Regional Ecologist

Region 4, New Ulm

Project Team

Carmelita Nelson

Water Conservation Consultant

Central Office

Project Team

Jane Norris

Conservation Management and Rare Resources Unit Supervisor

Central Office

Project Team

Jason Moeckel

Inventory, Monitoring, Analysis Section Manager

Central Office

Project Team

Adam Doll

Statewide Watercraft Inspection Program Coordinator

Central Office

Project Team

Jodi Dehn

Lands and Minerals Division, Realty Supervisor

Central Office

Project Team

Jackie Glaser

Enforcement Division, Operations Manager

Central Office

Project Team

Tim Beyer

Forestry Division, Forest Certification Program Consultant

Central Office


Greg Husak

Information Officer

Central Office