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How to tell the temperature – cricket-style!

Photo: Snowy Tree Cricket. Photo from budwood.orgListening to the soothing, rhythmic sound of crickets chirping in the evening brings me back to summers in Windom at my grandmother's, where I got to sleep in her "porch" bedroom. Back then I didn't realize that these insects, called snowy tree crickets, were telling me how warm it was outside. Here's how to interpret cricket chirps into degrees Fahrenheit: Count the number of chirps in15 seconds and add 40. You'll be surprised at how accurate they are!

DuPont suspends sales of Imprelis herbicide after reports of tree injury

Imprelis herbicide was introduced by Dupont for use in professional turfgrass management this year. Soon after its introduction customers started reporting injury to Norway and white pine as well as some other tree species. Reported damage includes current year shoots and needles being twisted, distorted and browning. It's unknown whether the damaged trees will survive or not. The injury is reported to be primarily in Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Wisconsin. As a result of these injury reports Dupont decided to suspend sales of the herbicide.

Dupont is asking anyone with tree injury on sites treated with Imprelis to contact their lawn care provider and also to visit the Dupont website and to call the Dupont Imprelis hotline number at 866-796-4783 to report problems.

Additional information about Imprelis and possible tree injury can be found at the following web sites: