Mosquitoes, plants and people

What do adult mosquitoes eat when they are not sucking blood from people? (Don?t worry about male mosquitoes because they eat only plant juices that includes tree flower nectar and leaf juices.) It?s the adult female that bothers people for the blood they need for development of their eggs. Before mating they also eat plant juices. The itching and inflammation caused by the females? bites and blood meals make life in Minnesota miserable, especially after summers rains. About 50 different species of mosquitoes live with us, and the life span of most adult species that bite us is three to five weeks. Our blood is then used by each female to lay 200 to 300 eggs. Thank goodness for repellants, mosquito netting, mosquito control, dragonflies, bats and several birds that eat these irritating insects. And, thank goodness those freezing temperatures that are just around the corner.