August 97


Something NEW: Forest Health Grants for Communities

The Minnesota State Legislature passed a spending bill during the last session that contains funds for forest health programs in Minnesota communities. Specifically, there are two grant programs that have been authorized. One, for oak wilt and the second for "forest health".

Oak Wilt Funding (LCMR)

The Legislative Commission of Minnesota Resources (LCMR) is providing $80,000 specifically earmarked of oak wilt control in Minnesota communities. These funds can be used in Regions 3, 4, 5, & 6. Priority for these funds is to be given to communities that did NOT have access to the federal oak wilt funding that was available from 1991 to 1997. These funds will be made available as "grants by reimbursement" to communities with organized programs. Contact your region forest health specialist for details.

Forest Health Grants (Mn ReLeaf)

The general legislative session also provided $250,000 for general forest health grants earmarked to improve and maintain forest health in Minnesota communities. In general, grants can be obtained for programs that will take action on a specific, defined problem in a community. These problems can be insect or disease outbreaks (eg. oak wilt, gypsy moth, etc.) or other forest health issues. The funds are 50:50 match, "grant by reimbursement", and up to $10,000 per grant. These funds are part of the Minnesota ReLeaf Program and are administered through the ReLeaf Regional Committees. Contact your region forest health special for more details or to obtain an application pack (forms, info, etc.) call (651) 772-7925.