Awesome in its fury!

BWCAThe July 4th storm across northeastern Minnesota was truly awesome in its fury!  386,000 plus acres had blown down as a result of a straight line wind event that swept across three counties and into Quetico in Canada. People describe the wreckage in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Superior National Forest with exclamatory statements, such as, ?Awesome, Total Devastation, Unbelievable, Never saw Anything like this before, Horrible Waste, Nature's Fury, etc?.  You get the picture.

There were no fatalities, but lots of medical evacuations out of the BWCA.  After July 19th, activities in the BWCA went from ?search and rescue? to ?recovery and rehabilitation? of the canoe portages and campsites.

Aerial surveys showed:
  • 10-33% blow down 151,000 acres
  • 34-66% blow down  127,000 acres
  • 67-100% blow down  108,000 acres.
In the hardest hit areas, the downed trees are piled up twenty feet thick.  From the air, you can see that the trees either broke off or were tipped over roots and all. It looks like the trees were combed - they all were laid down in the same direction.  Most of the BWCA was forested with old growth trees.

If you?re planning a trip to the BWCA next year, bring your earplugs so you can sleep at night.  That way the sound of the wood borers won?t be so deafening.