New record low for Jack pine budworm

Most of the Jack pine stands have been surveyed in Region 1 for defoliation activity by JPBW with no defoliation detected in 1999.  Sample plots in Jack pine stands which experienced defoliation over the past twenty or more years were checked with no defoliation noted and no budworms collected.

Pinkstriped oakworm

Defoliation of bur oaks by the pinkstriped oakworm, Anisota virginiensis, is commonplace in southern Hubbard County.  The young larvae feed gregariously on species of oaks, white birch and other hardwoods.  Larvae grow to approximately two inches in size while feeding solitarily on leaves.  There is one generation per year. Defoliation and dropping of fecal material alerts the homeowner to their presence.  Mortality of bur oaks can occur if heavy defoliation persists for three or more years.  Usually the population collapses well before mortality can occur.