Alphabetical Index of Articles


Balsam Fir Pests–Pine spittlebug on balsam fir August 1998
Basswood Pests–Basswood square blotch leaf miner October 1999
Bees–Removing unwanted bee/hornet nests July 1998
Beetles–Eastern larch beetle July 2000
Beetles–Rose chafer beetles July 2000
Beetles–Red turpentine beetle August 1999
Beetles–Elm leaf beetle May 1999
Beetles–Rose chafer beetles June 1998
Beetles–Bark beetlesJune 1998
Beetles–A bark beetle that increases the value of wood?May 1998
Beetles–Bark beetles: Coming to a pine tree near youMay 1998
Beetles–Powderpost beetles August 1997
Beetles–Rose chafer beetles July 1997
Beetles–Here we go again, catch us if you can (bark beetles) June 1997
Beetles–Red turpentine beetles June 1997
Birch Pests–Birch leaf miner June 1998
Box Elder Bugs–Invasion of box elder bugs May 1997
Bur oak blight August 2011


Caterpillars–FTC: What's on the menu? April 2001 Caterpillars–This month's riddle... July 2000
Caterpillars–Gear up early for forest tent caterpillar spraying October 1999
Caterpillars–Oak and maple caterpillars August 1999
Caterpillars–FTC defoliation and then what? July 1999
Caterpillars–The return of the forest tent caterpillar May 1999
Caterpillars–FTC and the Gilchrist Lake Association in Pope County May 1999
Caterpillars–Forest tent caterpillars October 1998
Caterpillars–Forest tent caterpillars: "Good, bad or just ugly?" July 1998
Caterpillars–Forest tent caterpillars June 1998
Caterpillars–Forest tent caterpillars May 1998
Caterpillars–Armyworms August 1997
Caterpillars–Eastern tent caterpillar June 1997
Caterpillars–Forest tent caterpillars June 1997
Caterpillars–Late breaking news about forest tent caterpillar May 1997
Cone Pests–Thars' money (and bugs) in them thar white pine cones July 1998
Cone Pests–White pine cone crop and insect pests therein June 1998
Cone Pests–Seed and cone insects: A predator/prey cycle August 1997


Defoliation–Greenstriped mapleworm July 2000
Defoliation–Twin Cities' defoliators July 2000
Defoliation–Introduced pine sawfly October 1998
Defoliation–Introduced pine sawfly August 1998
Defoliation–Introduced pine sawfly June 1998
Defoliation–Larch sawfly June 1998
Drought–Care of trees during a drought May 1998
Defoliation–Introduced pine sawfly October 1997
Defoliation–Larch sawfly August 1997


Elm–Disease resistant elm seedlings May 1997
A new emerald ash borer find in Shoreview August 2011
Exotics–The increasing threat of exotic pests July 1998
Exotics–Training for invading: Did Europes Ice Age give exotic pests the edge August 1997