Farewell to Tom

On December 24th, Tom Eiber took over his new duties as Forestry Information Systems Supervisor for the Division of Forestry in the St. Paul office. Congratulations, Tom!!!! For the last ten years, Tom has been the sole full-time entomologist for our Forest Health Unit and the most prolific writer for the Newsletter, among many other things. In 1987, Tom came to Brainerd after teaching at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. In 1990, he moved to Metro and things more Urban. To the Forest Health Unit, he brought a desire to be on the cutting edge of computer applications , experience with hardwood defoliators, a strength in communication and a dimension of vitality that we never had before. We will definitely miss his vision, enthusiasm and all the good stuff he has produced and procured.

Lucky for us he'll still be in Forestry and has plans to be involved with forest health as much as his new position allows. He would particularly like to stay in touch with gypsy moth and attendant issues. Again, congratulations!