Sky pilots II / The never ending story

Resource assessment and forest health staff complete aerial surveys of forested lands in Minnesota in June and July of each year. This provides baseline information for national Forest Health Monitoring and brings Federal money into the state for our forest health programs. Once the flight lines are completed, Area offices and cooperators are contacted to help with ground checks of suspect areas in July and August. We check them out to determine damage, agent and control options.

Remember, we're always up there watching!

Pine tussock moth note

As part of a fifteen-year cooperative study with Canadian Entomologists, pheromone traps are placed in mature jack pine stands to collect male moths and track their numbers in relation to visible defoliation and the number of larvae collected from felled trees. This year, male flight started two weeks early. Trap collection numbers remain high, but no defoliation was detected and no larvae were collected in June on trees in Hubbard and Wadena Counties.