Spring in Minnesota

Ah! It's spring in Minnesota. Can there be any place nicer than spring in Minnesota? This is why we all live here. We wait all winter for this. Wait a minute is that snow coming down? Well it can't last long. There it stopped. The grass is getting green, no wait it's getting white again. There it stopped already. Everything is coming back to life. It's a beautiful sunny morning, whoa its only 20 degrees. Why did I put my winter coat away? There is a robin building a nest. Pretty soon the eggs will be hatching and those little forest tent caterpillars will be coming out. But the birds are singing and the leaves are starting to come out. But the armyworms are chewing them off faster than they can grow. The crab apples are in bloom. But they're crawling with armyworms. The snow has stopped. Just stay calm. Maybe I'll have a picnic. Armyworm poop is getting into my potato salad! Ouch! Those darn mosquitos. Calm down, take a deep breath. Arrghh! I just swallowed a mosquito. And, the caterpillars are crawling all over. Calm down. Relax. It's spring in Minnesota. Have to change my attitude. The trees will grow more leaves. I can make more blood. And that's not bug poop in the potato salad, my lawn is just getting a free application of quick release fertilizer. But then it's just going to grow more and I will have to mow it again. I just need to relax. I better go fishing. Ahhhh! It's spring in Minnesota.