Forest Insect and Disease Newsletter

Forest tent caterpillar wedding and vacation planner

Whenever there is even a hint that forest tent caterpillars (FTC) are on the rise and might occur someplace in Minnesota we start getting calls from people planning vacations, weddings, family reunions and such. They want to know if they are likely to have caterpillars at their event, or where they can go to avoid having caterpillars. Jana and I often joke around calling ourselves the FTC wedding and vacation planners or that we are going to start a business as FTC wedding planners when we retire.

Apparently some other entrepreneurial genius had a similar idea with the 17 year Cicada and has developed a website called "Cicada Mania Wedding Planner". The site includes the Do's and Don't for cicadas and weddings and you can also purchase mugs, hats or t-shirts.

Jana and I are still in the development stage of our website. Of course when finished ours will be much more sophisticated in keeping with the high level of culture and finesse you have come to expect from us. We are currently working on some background music to accompany the website. Perhaps something along the line of "Baby, You're an Arthropod" that you can listen to on Youtube.

- Mike Albers