Is this Spring? Or what....

The last few days have given us some of the nicest days you could ask for..... in March. Temperatures in the high 20's, frost on the roof, snow squalls, and wind chills in the teens. I don't know about your wall, but mine has a calendar on it that puts me half way through May. Remember May, the first few 80 degree days, mowing the lawn for the first time, shade in your yard? Not this year, not in the spring of 1997. To call this a delayed spring, risks being accused of gross understatement and the truth in-advertising police will be displeased.

Here in the Metro Region, we would normally have applied our first gypsy moth eradication spray by now. Not this year. Ya', sure, we didn't have any planned, but that isn't the point. You need leaves on the trees to catch the spray. Most oaks are just beginning to break bud, the biggest leaves I've seen measure a whopping 1/4" or so. Most shoots have elongated only an inch or two at best. Many are still hiding behind stretching bud scales.

What does all this mean. Nothing, or more clearly stated, nothing. At this moment, I feel like I am writing for the April version of the newsletter. What does it mean for the trees and their health? About the same, I suspect. Nothing. Spring will come in due course, in June or July I fear, but the vegetation seems to be taking this all in stride. Development is taking place, in s--l--o--w motion, but proceeding along rather predictable lines. There seem to be few problems this year. Biological problems, that is. Impatience is another story.