'Tis the Tick Season

Remember to do a complete body check of yourself for ticks after spending some hours in any wooded or grassy areas that may harbor these tiny animals. Tuck pants into socks or boots and long sleeves into pants, use tick repellents when in tick habitat, and don't panic if you find a tiny tick attached on you. To remove an embedded tick use tweezers to grasp it close to its mouth and slowly pull it out without squeezing its body. Apply antiseptic to the bite. A useful brochure is "Lyme Disease" and it is available from the Dept of Health (651-296-6157) or from the DNR (651-259-5471). It's free of charge and covers signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, other tick-borne diseases, the deer tick, prevention and exposure.

A human vaccine for Lyme disease will not be available for least five more years. Brochures, workshops and slide programs are available to educate the public. The Mn Dept of Health has scheduled a workshop June 10-12 at NW Technical College in Bemidji. Contact Marcia Robert at the Department of Health, 612-623-5237 for more information.