New Publications

Bronze Birch Borer and Its Management

"The Bronze Birch Borer and Its Management" is a l997 revision of a Minnesota Agricultural Extension Service, two-page brochure that includes descriptions of the adult and larvae, host trees, damage, symptoms, life history and habits and management. Management strategies include selecting appropriate locations for planting birch trees, selecting the most appropriate species or variety of birch for planting, following cultural practices that will create conditions conducive to tree survival, and chemical controls.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

"Pruning Trees and Shrubs" is another Extension Service, four-page brochure that includes various reasons for pruning, when to prune, pruning large established trees, proper branch pruning, timing, pruning hedges, renewal pruning for older or overgrown shrubs, pruning evergreens and using the right tools for pruning.

Copies of these publications can be purchased from your County's Extension Service or from the University of Minnesota Extension Service Distribution Center, 20 Coffey Hall, 1420 Eckles Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108-6069, telephone 800-876-8636 or 6l2-624-4900 (local calls).