May 99- New Publications


New Publications

Oak Wilt in Minnesota, MI-3174-Z is a l999, 2-page brochure that is available free of charge from the U. of Minn. Extension Service, telephone 1-800-876-8636. Information on symptoms, infection process, management strategies, and distribution of the disease in Minnesota is included, along with 2 colored photos of wilting oak leaves and a sporulating mat on an oak tree's trunk.

Home Fruit Spray Guide, FO-0675-B, l999, is a 4-page brochure available from U. of Minn. Extension Service that includes information on insect and disease controls for apples, pears, apricots, cherries, plums, strawberries, and raspberries. The brochure costs 75 cents.

Identification and management of orange-striped oakworm, E-2654 is a 2-page brochure from the U. of Michigan Extension Service, MSU, East Lansing, MI 48824. Information on life cycles, impact and management is presented along with great color photos of life stages. Authors are Deb McCullough and Nathan Siegert, so you know its good. It costs 50 cents.

Identification and management of fall webworm, E-2695 is a 2-page brochure from Michigan Extension Service (see address above). This well written bulletin helps you identify the critter, know more about its life cycle, its impact and its control. Same authors, same cost.

Identification and management of European pine sawfly, E-2694 is a 4-page pamphlet that is, again, available from Michigan Extension Service. Written for the homeowner or the Christmas tree grower, it is chock full of biological information as well as control strategies. A hat trick! for McCullough and Siegert. Cost is 50 cents.