Urban Tree Risk Management: A Community Guide to Program Design and Implementation

US Forest Service publication NA-TP-03-03.

Jill Pokorny, Editor and coordinating author

Most urban communities consist of both gray infrastructure (buildings, streets, utilities) and green infrastructure (urban forests). Risk management is a well-established concept in the management of public spaces. Although gray infrastructure has long been assessed and monitored for acceptable levels of risk, green infrastructure has not received the same evaluation. That is about to change.

The first two chapters of this manual are designed to assist communities develop, adopt and implement tree risk management programs for their green infrastructure. Three chapters are devoted to training field staff how to detect, assess, correct and prevent hazardous defects in the urban forest. This 195 page manual is fully illustrated and is presented in an easy-to-read format. It was written for community leaders, administrators, city foresters, parks and public works staff and private tree care practitioners.