The gypsy moth keeps coming our way

Preliminary reports from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture indicate that male gypsy moth trap catches are on the rise from last year. In 1997, 262 moths were caught at 154 sites. So far for 1998, more than 900 moths have been captured at several hundred sites. The number of moths has increased considerably in counties along the Mississippi River from the Metro area down to Houston County at the state line with Iowa. These increases also coincide with increases across the river in several Wisconsin counties.

Egg mass surveys are being planned for several areas in the southeastern counties and the Metro region within the next few weeks. Final data from trapping and egg mass surveys for Minnesota and our neighboring states of Iowa and Wisconsin should be available following the Tri-State Gypsy Moth Meeting which is currently scheduled for December 8th. Stay tuned for more important information on the continuing saga of the gypsy moth.

Trapping for gypsy moth

Three sites in Region 1 that produced a single male gypsy moth in 1997 were grid trapped in 1998 to locate any possible populations. Around each trapping site, the Dept. of Agriculture delineated a four square mile grid. A total of sixty five traps were placed out in late June. The locations were:

1. Beltrami County - A male moth was trapped by DNR foresters at the KOA campground near Bemidji.
2. Polk County - A moth was trapped by DNR foresters at the Wayside rest area on Highway # 2 by Erskine.
3. Clay County - A suspect moth in a trap was inadvertently lost at Buffalo River State Park. This year, the traps were taken down on September 23rd and 24th and no gypsy moths were trapped. These same sites will be grid trapped again in 1999.

Furthermore, no gypsy moths were trapped in Regions 1, 2 or 3 by State Parks or DNR Forestry in 1998.

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