The leaves are changing !!! The leaves are changing !!!

Well folks, fall colors are finally being splashed upon the canvas of our state and the metro area. After several weeks of discussion, speculation and of course many predictions about what this year's fall colors might be like, nature has once again delivered the expected pallette of colors for us to enjoy. As of September 23rd DNR State Parks and Forests reported that fall colors were peaking in some areas of the northeast. Most of the northern region of the state is in the range of 30% to 70% of peak fall colors. The central part of the state should reach peak in early October and the southern part of the state will probably be best in mid-October.

In the Metro area, many prairie areas, lakes and ponds are providing some of the best views of fall colors along with an abundance of the usual forms of wildlife found in these habitats. Scattered maples and sumac are providing a good contrast of reds and oranges while ash, aspen and birch are revealing bright yellows and gold. Prairie grasses and numerous flowers are contributing several shades of maroon and purple. Peak fall colors for much of the Metro area are expected in the first two weeks of October. Look for oaks to peak around October 11-17th.

Wild Rivers State Park just east of North Branch reported a 90% change in prairie grasses and flowers, 10% of the ash and birch were showing bright yellows and 90% of the sumac in open areas was showing peak fall color. Interstate State Park near Taylors Falls reported 50% change throughout the park. The St. Croix river valley will be a good place to view the colors which are expected to peak between September 28th and October 11th. Be sure to get out your canoes if you can and paddle the river for this spectacular event. Fall colors come and go quickly, so be sure to get out there and enjoy them while you can.