Septoria blight and canker

Here's another one for the ?It's so wet that ....? column.  Most parts of the state are at 150 to 200% of their normal rainfall levels.

It's so wet that:

  • Any day now I expect to see North Central planes landing with pontoons at the Bemidji Airport.
  • Conifer needle blights were the number one observed I & D concern in Region 1 during the summer of 1999.
  • Septoria blight was so widespread during mid- to late-summer that balsam poplar stands were shedding their leaves in late July.
The leaves of many trembling aspen and balsam poplars turned brown in July and August in the northern half of the State.  The fungus, Septoria musiva, caused many leaf spots which eventually coalesced and browned large areas on individual leaves. With the extremely wet weather, the leaves became so infected that they were prematurely shed.  That's why the balsam poplar trees looked so bare, so early.