Alphabetical Index of Articles


Rainfall--It's so wet that....... June 1999

Sapsucker damage June 1997
Spruce Budworm--Spruce budworm egg mass surveys October 1999
Spruce Budworm--The annual family reunion July 1999
Spruce Budworm--Spruce budworm degree days June 1999
Spruce Budworm--Spruce Budworm: low egg mass counts October 1998
Spruce Budworm--Spruce budworm induces epicormics October 1998
Spruce Budworm--SBW August 1998
Spruce Budworm--SBW June 1998
Spruce Budworm--SBW May 1998
Spruce Budworm--SBW January 1998
Spruce Budworm--SBW October 1997
Spruce Budworm--SBW July 1997
Spruce Budworm--Spruce Budworm in the backyard June 1997
Spruce Budworm and white spruce-- Spruce budworm and white spruce: Moving towards an answer July 1999
Spruce Diseases--Rhizosphaera needle cast July 2000
Spruce Diseases--Eastern spruce gall adelgid July 1999
Spruce Diseases--Lirula needle blight of spruce July 1999
Spruce Diseases--Chlorotic spruce needles May 1999
Spruce Pests--Spruce spider mites June 1999
Spruce Pests--Spruce spider mites on arbor vitae July 1998
Storm Damage--Do's and don'ts of dealing with storm damaged trees August 1999
Storm Damage--Hail damage June 1999
Storm Damage--Patterns of Tree Failure June 1999
Storm Damage--Metro storm damage reports July 1998
Storms--The weather-what else? May 1998
Sugar Maple--Are sugarbushes as healthy as other sugar maple stands? July 1998

Transplant Shock-- Transplant shock: Severity dependent upon tree size and restoration of root- shoot balance. May 1997
Tree Diseases--aphids, aphids June 1998
Tree Diseases and Pests-- Summer shorts July 2000
Tree Diseases and Pests--Noteworthy observations July 1999
Tree Diseases and Pests--Field notes: Late May June 1999
Tree Diseases and Pests Song--"These are a few of my favorite things" ( with apologies) May 1999
Tree Diseases in Willmar Area--Notes from the Willmar Area July 1999
Tree Fungus--Septoria blight and canker October 1999
Tree Fungus--Wood that glows in the dark??? October 1999
Tree Fungus--A canker-rot of maple June 1999
Tree Fungus--Armillaria Root Disease July 1999
Tree Health Problems--A "menagerie" of tree health problems October 1999
Tree Leaves--Tree leaves are nature's food factories May 1999
Tree Pest Control--Helping trees grow in Minnesota - Spring recommendations May 1999
Tree Pests--Poplar-and-willow borer July 2000
Tree Pests--Yellow-bellied sapsucker June 1999
Tree Pests--Did you say "frying cicadas"? June 1999