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Bluegill sunfish

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November 04, 2014


Fall harvest has wrapped up for the large adult Bluegill that FiN harvests and stocks. For stocking updates visit the Recent Fish Stocking page. These fall Bluegill are typically large fish with some of the biggest approaching 1/2 pound in weight. The harvest ponds utilized in 2014 included the following FiN ponds: Northland, Marthaler and Schwarz plus three other ponds that are only managed for fish growing purposes. There are still some fish left in these harvest ponds for fishing if anglers want to try their luck at catching a big one. 

With the cold weather here for the fall the bite is typically a lot slower on the FiN ponds. Try a slower approach to fishing to entice fish to your bait. Winter fishing will soon be here and many of the FiN ponds are ice-fishing hotspots for local anglers.


Good fishing and be safe!